New York Crime Victims Assistance Task Force


“As a former victim of violence having a Brick in my name represents something very special to me. Every victim is connected irregardless of the nature of the crime; we are in an exclusive club that none of us wanted to join, we represent the harm that violence can perpetrate, crime harms not only the victim but everyone involved with that victim, it also has a direct impact on the community, and crime destroys families and lives. There is never any closure for victims, there is always something to remind us; the anniversary of the incident, birthdays, further violence depicted in the media, it never ends. What victims can hope for is some type of resolution, coming to terms with what happened and acceptance. Perhaps by placing a Brick and being part of this “Club” and gathering every year to be with people who understand you it can bring about the resolution and acceptance we victims all desire

”Gary Geiger - Glenville, NY